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Have an area that needs to be mowed but is either inaccessible for equipment or cost prohibitive to have maintained? Or you just prefer to do things in a manner that is a little more environmentally friendly? Well we have just the answer for you, SHEEP! These four legged mowers are more than happy to come in and clear an overgrown area for you.

How it works:

First we will evaluate the site to be grazed and give you a quote to haul in and maintain the sheep, and moveable fence in the designated area. We will quote you an approximate time for the job and set up a start date. From there we will come in with a trimmer to cut a path for the electronet fence and a load of sheep. Once set up the sheep will be turned loose to do the job that they love. Eating! When the job is complete we'll pack up the gear and the sheep and they are onto the next job site.

Jobs are quoted with a onetime set up fee and a daily rate for as long as the sheep are on site. We are willing to travel within 30 minutes of Canandaigua, NY.

This is a great service for schools, churches, municipalities, solar arrays, and any home owner.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions